Yet another way to wear the Hard Graft 2Unfold


I’m still fascinated by the versatility of the 2Unfold, but I’ve been finding the strap in messenger mode can feel a bit too long. My preference for how to carry a bag over one shoulder is changing. I used to like the bag just below my hip for comfort, but I no longer like the way it slaps against the back of my leg as I walk. I find it an inelegant solution for carrying, and I think it actually slows me down during my daily commute. My preference would be to have the 2Unfold rest just above my hip, farther away from my legs, but the default strap setup is too long for that.

This caused me to inevitably consider the Hard Graft Flat Pack once again, but I know myself better than that. The Flat Pack is really gorgeous, but there’s really only enough room for an iPad and a MacBook in that little bag, and nothing more. The lunch, umbrella, and thermos I occasionally carry would have to go in a separate bag; I don’t want to carry two things around.

So instead of making another Hard Graft purchase, I decided to played around with the strap on the 2Unfold instead.


Reverse Strap Setup

There’s no guarantee that this will be a good long-term solution, but I’ve tried this alternate strap setup for three weeks with various loads and I haven’t noticed any obvious signs of wear. The 2Unfold strap usually goes in through the buckle along the sides, through the loop, and into the D-ring along the bottom. My setup goes the other way: I thread the strap through the very bottom D-ring, seal the strap using the top buckle, and then fold the excess strap through the loop.

The result is a strap that starts at a lower point on the bag, which lets me carry it higher on my body while also changing the angle of the bag during transit. Wearing the 2Unfold in this fashion is much more comfortable, and the bag tends to move with me (instead of swaying alongside me). The difference in the angle also improves comfort, since the 2Unfold tends to lean a little away from me at all times. That means that part of the weight just leans against me, instead of all of the weight pulling straight down.


This reverse strap setup also extends to making the backpack mode more comfortable. The bag rides a little higher on my back, and the openings for my arms are also wider, making the bag easier to put on.

I’ve gotten a lot of utility out of the 2Unfold in the past year and a half, and it has been a lot of fun finding different ways to manipulate its multi-functional design and learn to carry it in new ways. I now own three sets of bags: the 2Unfold, the Isar Rucksack, and the Defy Recon Waxed Canvas Edition. I bought each of these bags for very different reasons, but I’m still genuinely impressed by how versatile the 2Unfold has proven to be.

Note: Oh, and if you’re interested in picking up a 2Unfold for yourself, Hard Graft just came out with a new Neutral Grey version of the bag.