The Blur Effect of Writer Pro 1.4 on iOS


This will be a short one. I’ve been complaining about Writer Pro ever since it was released, even though nobody put a gun to my head to buy it. I loved iA Writer so much that I decided to snap up Writer Pro a few months after it hit the the App Store.

iA Writer Pro still has a way to go in terms of differentiating its different view modes, as well as the funky way it names files across platforms (iOS uses the first line, OS X uses an actual filename), but there’s one thing that Writer Pro *really* got right in its latest update: the awesome blurring of text during Sentence syntax viewing (originally Focus mode).

Entering Sentence Syntax view on either the iPhone or iPad grays and blurs out all other text, but for the currently selected sentence. I really love this. It’s one of those features that jumped out at and grabbed me immediately. It’s a subtle change that wasn’t even really highlighted in the release notes, but it’s become a reason for me to return to the app and write some more.

After spending so much time critiquing Writer Pro’s design decisions, I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate something it got really, amazingly right.