Fuji Scotia Part 6: The Fog

[This is a set of travelogue posts from my 2019 trip to Nova Scotia with Leona. Here’s a list of the series thus far:  Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6.]

Our last day in Nova Scotia was supposed to be the most relaxed. The initial plan was to just hit up the museums in the city before catching our flight at 8pm. However, after two days of walking around the downtown core, we were feeling a bit restless. So I looked up a few sights southeast of Halifax and we drove towards Duncan’s Cove.

It became evident on the drive over that this was going be a foggy day, and that was really exciting. I’d been following a lot of Finn Beales’ work on Instagram and taken his online photography course, and the weather around Halifax that day felt just like Finn’s shots in Wales.

Houses in the distance at Duncan’s Cove.

It got even eerier when we arrived at Duncan’s Cove and heard a long, booming sound pierce the fog. We started down the path, seeing just 30 feet at a time, until the research station revealed itself at the water’s edge. The station is fully automated now, and I’m guessing on foggy days that some sort of fog horn blasts every few minutes to let ships know they’re near the coast.

This already looks epic, but imagine a fog horn blaring behind you as you look up.

There was a lighthouse there too, seemingly long abandoned. Beside it we found another pillbox that was swimming in graffiti — the most prominent of which was a tag for “Booty Judy” (long may she reign). There were empty bottles and Tim Horton’s cups all over the place, but no people. Just us, the fog, and the blaring horn.

Booty Judy was here.

As we enjoyed the moment there was a geeky part of me that patted myself on the shoulder. It was for weather like this that I had packed only my sealed WR lenses, and it was totally paying off.

Duncan’s Cove was a sight thanks to the fog, but it was also thanks toe the fog that there wasn’t all that much to see. So we drove back northwest, stopped at a few spots along the road for photos, and ended up at the York Redoubt, an old fort southeast of Halifax.

We drove into a large parking lot where the cannons outnumbered the cars. There wasn’t much pavement in the area so we walked through the grass. It took us only a few steps to realize our feet were getting absolutely soaked. Every time we took a step we’d whip up the grass, turning every blade into a little sprinkler.

Since we had the entire place to ourselves, we walked slowly through the old fortifications and the ammo depots that were hidden underneath. We also took a long, winding path down towards the water where we found a few more cannons and even more graffiti.

The whole walk took about an hour and a half, and I love that we found that place on our last day, all covered in fog. Some of my favourite photos and footage from the trip were from this day.

After drying our shoes off with a very healthy supply of paper towels, we had a quick meal in Halifax and then returned our rented Toyota at the airport. It was an uneventful flight back to YYZ, but as we were taxiing towards our gate in Toronto, I managed to get one last shot to close up the trip.

That’s it for the trip photos! Now I just need to edit all of the video…