My Hard Graft Ocean Flat Pack Review at Tools & Toys

flat pack review on tools & toys

I finally got around to reviewing my Hard Graft Ocean Flat Pack, and I did so over at the awesome Tools & Toys. It’s my only blue bag, and the leather has darkened beautifully over the past year.

This was a fun little review to shoot. I took my A6000 and tripod up to the roof of my apartment building in winter and used the Sony PlayMemories app to control the shoot myself. I held my iPhone in my left or right hand and would trigger the shutter after posing myself properly in the frame. I’m happy with how the picture turned out, especially given how cold and uncomfortable it was to shoot. I only realized afterwards that I could have made everything so much easier by using a timer delay on the shutter. Ah well.

One thing I want to add is that I’m looking into replacing the closure mechanism on the Flat Pack. I really like using the bag for lighter days, but I think it would be a lot better if it was a detachable buckle that held the strap together. It’s not quite Hard Graft’s aesthetic, but I’m also starting to think that the company does a much better job with the leather and wool felt than they do with their metal hardware. I’ve got a spare Cobra buckle lying around that I may use as a closure mechanism, but I need a leather sewing machine to be able to attach it.