My Extra Large X-Pro 2 Review at Tools & Toys

X-pro 2 Review_by Thomas Wong

I just published my review of the X-Pro 2 over at Tools & Toys. It’s a big review for a piece of gear I’m really loving. The upcoming Fuji X-T2 does intrigue the techie in me with its killer video capabilities, USB charging, and tilting screen. But the X-Pro 2’s design speaks to me, and when I saw the two bodies — X-Pro and X-T — side by side in a store, it felt very clear which one I would be choosing.

I learned from buying the Sony A6000 that one camera won’t necessarily have it all. I wasn’t in love with the A6000’s form factor, but I bought it for its great sensor and insane focusing capabilities because I thought I’d do a lot of photos and videos with it. It turns out that it was about 90-95% photos, and 5% video.

So this time around I bought a camera for what I actually do 95% of the time, instead of what I could foresee myself doing. The X-Pro 2 is a delicious piece of gear, and I’m looking forward to really learning its ins and outs.