Thoughts on Hard Graft’s New 2Pack Bag…

Hard Graft 2Pack

Hard Graft revealed a new bag today, and they call it the 2Pack. It’s essentially my beloved 2Unfold cut in half and adjusted to become a low-hanging backpack and compact messenger bag.

I have mixed feelings about this new design. On the one hand, it makes for a great messenger bag that’s sized comfortably for both men and women (my mom likes the 2Unfold, but finds it too large and heavy), but I’m also a little disappointed that the price hasn’t dropped a bit as a result. It’s probably garish to point out that the 2Pack uses fewer materials than the 2Unfold overall, but it’s also true; and seeing as the 2Pack seems only a bit bigger than the similarly capable Hard Graft Flat Pack ($400), I’m not sure why the $828 2Pack can command the same price as the full-sized 2Unfold. The logic I’m using here is as follows: if it looks and functions like 2Unfold mini, then it seems it should be priced accordingly.

However, the 2Pack is not without its virtues. The first among them being the addition of a 15-inch version of the bag, allowing you to carry a 15-inch MacBook Pro comfortably in messenger mode (something that just isn’t possible with the 2Unfold). I also like the addition of the backpack strap lock that was introduced in the Back2Back, which looks a lot more snug and secure than simply looping the straps through the 2Unfold’s top handles. If that sounds confusing, check out the pictures that show how the backpack straps are secured.

Finally, in classic HG fashion, the 2Pack maintains a certain sense of transformability: it’s a low-hanging backpack, a comfortable horizontal messenger bag, and a laptop folio (when you remove the straps).

The 2Pack is not quite my style, and it’s still rather pricey even by the company’s own standards, but an interesting alternative take on one of their trademark designs. Consider my appetite whetted, Hard Graft. I’m looking forward to the other 2014 items you’ve got hidden up your collective sleeves.