My Isar Coated Canvas Review on Tools & Toys

I had previously mentioned that I’d review the Isar Rucksack in Coated Canvas, and I had every intention of publishing the resulting review on this site. But then the folks at Tools & Toys approached me about an opportunity to work with them and I decided to take them up on it. I love the […]

Five Weeks with the Apple Watch

There are plenty of Watch pieces out there already, so I’ve broken this one down into bullet points by category. I figure that could help if you’re a prospective buyer and are interested in hands-on info on a particular set of features. Look and Feel I own a 42mm Space Gray Sport with the black […]


I bought Luftrausers a few weeks ago, right after it launched, and proceeded to play the game every single day until I “beat” it. I know that you can’t really ever beat a game like this — you just get higher and higher scores — but my fervour for the game died away as the […]